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Luton – ABOUT US 

If you are on the lookout for suitable options, for the transportation of your group in the Luton and surrounding areas, where postcodes start with LU, you can breathe easy. We are the most popular providers of Luton minibus hire services, clicking all the boxes, when you consider suitability of our services. 
We have a large fleet at our disposal, comprising exclusively of models such as Ford Transit, Mercedes 16 seater, Iveco, and Volvo coaches, of varying seat configuration. These vehicles are at the higher end of the market, and people prefer these vehicles for its advanced comfort, and safety features. We also have robust systems in place to maintain these vehicles well, undertaking regular servicing, prompt maintenance, and thorough inspections before the start of any trip. 
Our premium vehicles and service need not scare you away. Our rates are much less than what competitors charge, and all things considered, cheaper than any other mode of transportation. We achieve this apparent paradox through our highly efficient systems, highly productive workforce, and high performance vehicles, all of which contributes in keeping overheads low. 
There are added reasons to opt for our minibus hire in Luton. We are available all times of the day and night, and guarantee prompt and reliable service. All our systems are carefully designed, to make things easy and seamless, for the customer. 
To book a Luton minibus hire, fill up the simple online booking form, or contact our customer support team. Once you confirm your booking, our customer support team takes over, and handles all coordination and follow-ups, related to the trip, leaving you free, with peace of mind. 
We have an established presence in Luton, and a large number of corporate and other clients, are our regular customers. Customers, who avail our services once, always come back for more, and recommend us. 
The top purposes for which customers avail our minibus hire in Luton include airport transfers, festival and concert coach hire, coach hire for visiting race coaches, transfers for private events such as weddings, hen do and stag do nites, funerals, birthday parties, day trips, nites out revelries, excursions and sightseeing trips, and for several other purposes. We strive to deliver a complete experience, with high dedicated drivers, and highly committed support staff, to help you at all stages of the journey. 
The corporates, tour groups, students, businessmen, families, and others in Luton know that with us, their trip cannot go wrong.