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Birthday Party Coach Transfers

Luton Birthday’s Coach Hire 

Luton is a large town tucked in Bedfordshire, England. Historically, it is a town famous for hat-making and automobile engineering which are two economical activities that remained vibrant for quite some time. That’s not all, there is plenty more to attractions in this town and Luton minibus hire is going to help you explore them all. 
We are an established rental company ready to assist you with anything related to minibus hire in Luton. We are glad to introduce one of our popular birthday coach hire packages that allow you to explore Luton in style. Whether it’s a Ford Transit 8 seater, Mercedes 16 seater or any of our 72 seater Volvos, we are going to make your birthday the experience of a lifetime. 
Things to Do in Luton 
From cheering the local football team at their home ground to exploring the vastness of the town’s automobile plant, one can never have enough of Luton. And if perhaps you have never visited any of the attractions we are going to list, then our minibus hire in Luton offer is what you need. We give a pocket friendly price together with a driver, if need be, to help get to these attractions faster. 
The Whipsnade Tree Cathedral 
When visiting the Whipsnade village, the Tree Cathedral is a bonus attraction to go see. This is a public garden with a 9.5 acre perimeter tucked within the village. What makes it unique is its cathedral inspired construction which includes a nave, transepts, Chancel and so on. The Whipsnade Tree Cathedral is lush and peaceful, an ideal place to sit and spend with friends or even cut a birthday cake. 
High Town  
The name High Town was inspired by the town’s location on a hilly region. This town is right next to the Luton Railway Station and can be the first point of visit if you just arrived from Hitchin. It is a large electrical ward with plenty of shops to explore for souvenirs or magnificent detailing on buildings to admire. 
Stockwood Park 
This is a three-in-one park that comprise of a museum, lots of medieval and modern architecture as well as local culture. You can be in the park to relax or walk into the museum and learn more about ancient Luton. The area is field with edifices and monuments whose architecture will inspire you. 
The Hat Factory 

Many years ago, this building was a hub for many of the fine hats made in Luton. If you get to mix with some of the oldest locals they may be glad to show you their vintage collection of capes. It wasn’t long before the curtains closed on the hat business but this opened up a new dream for the venue. Today the Luton Hat Factory is a modern art centre and a theatre for many of the local plays and dramas. 
Events in Luton 

1) The T-Rex Tribute Concert, GordonCraige Theatre-Stevenage, Luton (29th Jan 2016) 
2) Roadhouse Stompers, Classic Rock, Soul Blues, The Tavern (Old Welwyn), Luton (30th Jan 2016) 
3) Urban Experience Art Expo, Nude Tin Can (St Albans), Luton (1st Feb 2016) 
4) Secondary Cause of Death Play, Gordon Craige Theatre (Stevenage), Luton (2nd Feb 2016) 
5) Tome Stade You Are Welcome Tour, Albana Arena, Luton (4th Feb 2016) 
Why Choose Us
Luton is quite a large city and you cannot possibly hunt for as many attractions when relying on public transport. So we as Luton Minibus hire want to make your birthday special by taking care of your travelling needs for the day. At a good rate, we provide an affordable birthday coach hire and a driver to be the chauffer for the day; they will drive you to any of the mentioned attractions and even help discover other Luton gems you didn’t know about.