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Double Decker 72 Seater Coach Hire

Luton – Double Decker Coach 72 Seater 

If you are worried about the prospects of moving a large group, you can put yourself at ease. Our Luton minibus hire service offer you the best double decker 72 seater coach, capable of moving even the largest of all groups, in one-go. We move these groups fast, and we move them efficiently, covering all bases. 
When you book a minibus hire in Luton, our customer support team gets into the action, and makes all the necessary arrangements for you. You need not worry about scheduling pick ups, plotting the best routes, making arrangements for any special requests group members may have, or anything else. We do it all for you. 
Large coaches make group transfers cost-effective, and also improve efficiency. If the group does not have to split us, they save on the cost of several smaller trips running on the same route, and are also spared the hassles of waiting for everybody to catch up. We offer further discounts, and our promptness means that we transfer your group even faster. 
Large coaches are difficult to navigate, but we have drivers who have several years of experience in handling such vehicles. We also train the drivers in local traffic rules and regulations, safe driving, and more. 
Our double decker 72 seater coach is in high demand among corporate groups, to transfer delegates, who come to attend business meets, and conferences. Several large tour groups, also find these coaches very useful for sightseeing trips, and airport transfers. Colleges, and schools, are frequently use these coaches, as it allows them to fit in maximum students in a trip. 
All members of a group travelling together increases group cohesion, and also increase the fun. Our Luton minibus hire has received all-round praise, and several good testimonials, for making possible coach tour that leave long lasting memories of pleasure.