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Luton – Minibus Hire 

The Luton minibus hire has been providing transportation services for many years. We offer strategic services for entertainment, transportation of fans and players, school teachers, wedding and funeral parties among others. Our main goal is to satisfy the unique needs of our clients using personalised services. In fact, we offer quality, reliability and affordability in minibus services in Luton.  
Why You Should Hire Our Luton Minibuses 
Modern Vehicles  
The company only purchases modern and highest quality vehicles of your choice. The range of vehicles we offer are minibuses and coaches from the Ford and Mercedes sprinter, fully converted mini-coaches built by UK based coach builders. Our vehicles are insured, licensed and bonded to ensure that our esteemed clients always receive the best services in town.  
Besides, the minibus and coaches are fitted with the softest and finest material for the pleasure of your travel. In fact, every vehicle is fitted with seat belt and all other safety features required for any public service vehicle. Your comfort and safety is our major concern! 
Extensive List of Functions 
We are the best minibus hire company in the city, offering various transportation services for both local and international clients. Whether it is airport runs, school trips, family vacation, friendship gatherings, church functions, theatre visit, door to door services and more, we have you covered.  
Minibus Fleet and Safety of Customers 
We operate in a clean and conducive environment; all our vehicles meet the industry standards. Our drivers are well-trained, and have the experience and necessary skills required. Our vehicles are regularly checked as dictated by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency. For special cases, we provide our customers with wheelchairs if needed at no extra cost. 
Things to Do and See with Luton Minibus Hire 

Luton boasts some of the most attractive sites in the country. With minibus hire in Luton, you can drive to drivers to the most famous railway stations, Leagrave and Luton airport parkway. The town features an award winning museum, which is worth visiting. The museum is the home to some fantastic collection of arts and culture that attract many people across the country. 
You can visit the Stockwood Discovery Centre, which is a major attraction site, featuring traditional arts, crafts and trade of rural Bedfordshire. It is very beautiful, and will remind you about the past when horse-drawn vehicles ware the main means of transport. 
Our drivers will drive you to the Galaxy Centre, where quality, modern leisure and entertainment is always live. Apart from leisure and entertainment, you will also explore activities such as, game station, Whitehouse Lloyd bar and a restaurant. You can as well venture into the most exciting pubs and club scene, where you can watch and dance with famous musicians. In fact, a wide range of music from the UK dance house and garage are available in these pubs and club scene. 
River Lea offer the best sites for adventure for those who enjoy walking, you can walk along the route to find its course as it meanders through Luton and beyond. You can visit Luton Library Theatre, which takes its name from the shared location: it’s the town central venue for professional dramatics. Our driver will safely drive you to the Luton Stadium, where you can watch football and learn more about the club. In fact, the club had won several leagues, and has several best training sites and free space for funs. Grebe Canal Cruises is also an ideal place to visit because it offers plenty of beautiful attraction to see and learn, for example, boat ride through the canal. 
For more information about hirin a minibus in Luton, please feel free to contact us via our contact form or phone. We are happy to serve you as our next client