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Luton Couch Tours
Luton is the hometown that produced Vauxhall motors, an automobile company established in early 19th century. Luton is also famous for its hat-making industry which doesn’t exist anymore but has left a landmark attraction in the town. There is more to this city than meets the eye, and Luton Minibus hire is giving the best option on how to explore the town. 
As a minibus hire in Luton Company, will put you in a luxurious Ford Transit or Mercedes 16 seater and even provide on-board amenities if you like. Additionally, if you need a driver, we have competent and friendly ones in our staff who will be your tour guide for the day. 
Things to Do in Luton 
They say the story of Luton town started around the 6th century when a group of Saxons settled in the land just next to the River Lea. Soon other empires such as the Romans and the Vikings started to flood the town, and they have played a big role in shaping up the history of Luton. Many of the attractions standing today tell great accounts of these past events. 
St. Mary’s Church 
It was the first Earl of Gloucester that came up with the idea of building a church in the middle of town. This was in the 11th century and the church was named St. Mary’s after completion in 1137. Today, St. Mary’s Church has stood the test of time and glistens each day in medieval architecture. Inside the church are pristine murals on the walls and several chapels, like Wenlock Chapel, where priests conducted prayers and sermons. 
The Hat Factory  
This factory was constructed around the 17th century and made hat making a symbol of Luton town. The hat making industry grew fast and by the 18th century, everyone was talking about the Hat Factory and its impressive products. However, the Hat Factory soon ran out of popularity and had to be shut down. Several hat making start-ups showed up, but these didn’t last either. 
Nonetheless, the Hat Factory is still active today, though it was transformed into a theatre and arts centre.  
Wardown Park 
Wardown Park existed as early as the 19th century when it was a privately owned estate. Two councillors, Edwin Oakley and Asher Hucklesby, went on to build a mansion within the estate which became a dwelling place until later when it was closed down. Today this private estate stands as Wardown Park, an open public area where locals and tourist can stop by for a game of golf, tennis or just sit by the breezy lake. The mansion was later to be transformed to a museum—the Wardown Park Museum.  
The Wardown Park Museum 
It was formerly the Luton Museum & Art Galley before taking on the name Wardown Park. In this museum is where you will get the full accounts of councillors Asher and Edwin, and a collection of traditional local crafts; hat making and lace making in Bedfordshire. Wardown Park Museum also holds great historical accounts of the military expeditions that existed in Luton throughout centuries.  
The Mossman Collection 
Every park in Luton has its charm, and Stockwood Park holds a unique attraction known as the Mossman Collection. Now run by the Luton Museum, Mossman Collection details the evolution of vehicles as early as the 18th century. Expect to see original horse-drawn vehicles used in the 19th century and classics from early 19th century. It is a place we would recommend, and it will be on our couch tours’ itinerary on your request. 
The Luton Carnival Festival  
This is a national event in Luton that brings all cultures together for a one day celebration in the city centre. The carnival happens around May each year and is fully christened with music, costumes, food, laughter and fun. Make a point of visiting the carnival this year if your Luton trip falls around May. Our couch tour will get you to the carnival faster and as one with your family or friends.  
Events in Luton  
1) The Comedy Bar, The Hat Factory, Luton (1st Jan-18th Dec 2016) 
2) Weekend Rockstars, The Hat Factory, Luton (21st May 2016) 
3) The Yellow Devils (WW1 Exhibition), Wardown Park Museum, Luton (1st-27th Feb 2016) 
4) Inspired by Time, Wardown Park Museum, Luton (27th Feb- 27th Mar 2016) 
5) British Wildlife Photography Awards, Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton (16th Jan-20th Mar 2016) 
6) Family Dance Workshop, Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton (17th Feb 2016) 
7) Luton International Carnival, City Centre, Luton (29th May 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
Luton Minibus Hire will provide the most convenient coach tours packages to enjoy these attractions. We have the top brand vehicles in our fleet, which includes new model Volvos that ensure you travel in style and comfort. We insist on minibus hire in Luton since it’s cheaper and allows you to travel in groups conveniently.