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Luton – Minibus Hire with Driver
If you are looking for a minibus hire in Luton or nearby areas, make sure you have a good driver to go along with the coach. 
Many group tour organisers make the mistake of considering only the coach for their group tour requirements. Many other consider the price as well, but most people underestimate the role a good driver has to play in the success of a trip. 
It goes without saying, the safety of the group depends entirely on how well the driver drives. Rash driving, inability to follow traffic rules, and more, are all high risk factors that can compromise the safety of your group members. However, the impact of a driver on a group tour runs even deep. 
An excellent coach, availed at very competitive prices, can be rendered useless, if the driver is a novice, and does not know to handle the vehicle properly. For instance, inexperienced driver, out on a day trip tour, and unfamiliar with the local routes, may enter a narrow alley, and be struck there for hours, whereas a driver who knows the region well would know where to turn, and take a longer, yet easy road to the next destination. Likewise, a grumpy and unfriendly driver may be a sticker to the written word of the contract. Imagine you are on a nites out with friends, and bored of the options in town, want to try out the scene at the nearby town. It requires a cooperative driver to rise to the occasion. 
Our Luton minibus hire services comes with the services of skilled, resourceful, intelligent, competent, able, and committed drivers, who know their job, and go all out to please their customers. 
When we hire drivers, we make sure they have excellent driving skills, and we also make sure they have good experience in the type of vehicles they are supposed to drive. For instance, we do not assign a driver who has driver a Ford Transit minibus, to a Iveco double decker coach, the navigating of which is a completely different thing.  
We also make sure the drivers we hire have a clear and level head, with the ability to think in a cool and calm way, and lead the group out of danger, in potential trouble spots, or in crunch situations. For instance, our drivers know how to drive fast and skillfully, if they sense danger in the locality. They are trained in basic first aid, and know to keep a level head, should any member of the group get any medical emergency. They also undergo training in customer care. 
Our drivers are ably supported by our well-staffed support team, who work round the clock, and makes all the arrangements required. 
Our drivers are highly committed, and productive, and a big reason why we are able to run a highly efficient set-up, and keep overheads low, which in turn allows up to offer the lowest rates in town for our minibus hire with driver service. 
Luton, around 30 miles from Central London, and the site of one of the major airports serving London, offers several places of interest, and is commercial hub as well. The Wardown Park and gardens, Stockwood Park, Dunstable Downs, Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton Sports Village, and other attractions lure in groups from all over London.  
To book your Luton minibus hire, simply get in touch with our customer support team, operating round the clock, or fill up the simple online booking form.