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Nights Out Minibus

Luton – Nites out 
Our Luton minibus hire makes it easy to enjoy the city’s popular night spots. Some people will say that the most relaxing part of their work week is the party that follows it. Whether you enjoy a night out once a month or can relax with friends more often, we can help to arrange transportation to any venue in the city. 
Nites out in Luton are a lot of fun and there are many popular attractions which pull visitors from all over London. Residents can have the comfort of knowing that experienced drivers will navigate their way through busy traffic while they rest and get ready for a night of partying. 
Luton Nightclubs 
There are several nightclubs in Luton which are great for releasing stress. Enjoy the latest songs and show off your dance moves in trendy nightspots like Edge or Deja Vu. Our private minibus hire in Luton makes it easy for you and your guests to arrive in style. The top comedy clubs nightclubs in Luton offer great music and include: 
The Bear 
The High Town  
Bar 32 
Specs Comedy 
Luton has popular restaurants such as Yate’s and The Elizabethan Inn which have grown tremendously over the years due to the quality of their cuisine. Like our Luton minibus hire, these eateries have customer service as a priority. If you are looking for elegant dining options, you will have a wide range of choices. We also help with other functions that you may want to host at restaurants in the area, such as hen dos or stag dos and business meetings. 
Timely Assistance 
Our minibus hire in Luton is always punctual. We know that you want to start enjoying your night out as soon as possible. Afterwards, we arrive at the theatre, restaurant or club at least half an hour before your scheduled pickup. Our air conditioned buses will keep you cool throughout your journey.  
Whether you want to attend a show at Luton Library Theatre or enjoy a movie at Cineworld Luton, we can help. Our Mercedes 16 seater and comfortable Ford Transit are good choices for medium sized groups. We can also easily find buses of the right size for 50 or even 100 people. Visit our website today or call us for assistance with planning your next relaxing event.